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• US inflation dropped from 6% to 5%, with energy entering a deflation phase for the first time since 2021.
• Core inflation remains high, with services inflation above 7%.
• Credit uncertainty looms large in the short to medium term, and DXY index sinks to its lowest level in over a year.

US Inflation Slows

The US Consumer Price Index (CPI) recently dropped to 5% from 6%, marking the largest single decrease in inflation this cycle. Energy prices were experiencing deflation for the first time since 2021. However, core inflation levels remained high, with services inflation remaining at 7%.

Fed Forecasts ‚Mild Recession‘

The Federal Reserve is aiming to avoid past mistakes, making credit uncertainty looming large in the short to medium term. The DXY index also sinks to its lowest point in over a year. This means that the future of the dollar and global economy are uncertain.

China & Russia Experience Inflation Drops

In addition to the U.S., China and Russia have both experienced drops in their own respective rates of inflation. This could indicate a potential trend across global economies as more countries grapple with potential recessions due to pandemic-related economic issues.

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Overall, US CPI inflation has decreased significantly from 6% down to 5%, however core inflation still remain high despite this drop off in energy prices entering deflation for the first time since 2021. Moreover, credit uncertainty looms as Fed forecasts ‘mild recession’ due to decreases seen within China & Russia alongside DXY indexes sinking lower than it has been in over a year; leaving questions unanswered regarding future of dollar & global economy overall

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