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• Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Input Output (IO) said he would prefer to be a crypto guy rather than a banker right now.
• He believes cryptocurrencies are stable despite last year’s challenges while the banking sector is struggling as evident from the collapse of First Republic Bank.
• JPMorgan stepped in and bought selected assets from First Republic Bank in a $10.6 billion deal, raising questions about potential banking monopolies.

Hoskinson: ‘I’d Rather Be Crypto Guy Than A Banker Right Now‘

Input Output (IO) CEO Charles Hoskinson recently appeared on Fox Business where he spoke on the stability of cryptocurrencies amid financial chaos. He stated that he prefers to be a “crypto guy” rather than a banker right now due to the resilience of the crypto world compared to the fragility of traditional banking services.

A Closer Look at The Banking Crisis

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) conducted an intense tender which failed to find a buyer for First Republic Bank, resulting in its collapse as one of the largest U.S. banking history cases ever recorded. JPMorgan stepped in with a $10.6 billion deal in order to buy certain assets from First Republic Bank, leading some people to question potential banking monopolies and rules regarding such matters.

Cryptocurrency Resilience vs Banking Fragility

Despite last year’s difficulties, Hoskinson believes that cryptocurrency remains stable and resilient whereas banks are facing more instability and fragility due to their current crisis situation – making being involved with crypto much more desirable than being part of traditional finance services at this time according to him.

Binance Urges Balanced Regulatory Approach For Crypto

Binance has urged for regulatory authorities to provide crypto with balanced approaches so that innovation and growth aren’t stifled by overly restrictive policies or regulations which could prevent further development within this sector – something which could potentially affect cryptocurrency’s resilience against pressures such as those seen within traditional finance services today if not handled carefully enough by regulators..

Balaji Srinivasan Doubles Down On His Bitcoin Bet

Balaji Srinivasan has shown his commitment towards Bitcoin once again by doubling down on his previous bet regarding investing $1M into BTC back in 2020 – an answer that he believes will help resolve many issues seen within the current banking system today such as high fees, low interest rates, etc

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