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• Judge Lewis Kaplan approves alternate monitoring software on SBF parents’ phones despite not meeting some of the conditions set by the court.
• Software will keep track of the internet browsing, messages and apps on the phone to ensure that SBF does not violate his bail terms.
• The software is not capable of photographing the user every five minutes as stipulated in the court’s previous order.

Judge Approves Alternative Monitoring Software

The court ordered Sam Bankman-Fried’s (SBF) defense in March to monitor his parents‘ phones to ensure that he was not doing anything that goes against the conditions of his bail. Judge Lewis Kaplan approved an alternative method employed by SBF’s lawyers which does not meet all of the conditions set by the court.

Software Features

The software installed on both phones will keep track of internet browsing, messages and apps to make sure SBF follows his bail terms. It also includes a “keystroke logging function“ which allows for recording of text entries made into certain applications. However, this software cannot photograph users every five minutes as required by previous court orders.


This ruling may provide flexibility in future cases when it comes to monitoring individuals on bail, allowing for alternate methods over traditional measures like installing surveillance cameras or having police officers present at all times. Furthermore, this ruling could have implications for privacy rights due to its potential for constant surveillance without consent from those being monitored.

Potential Issues

Although this ruling may allow for greater freedom in some areas, it is important to note that many civil liberties organizations have raised concerns about government surveillance and how it could be used against citizens without their knowledge or consent. As such, while it may provide flexibility in some cases, there are still important considerations when it comes to privacy rights and potential misuse of technology under these circumstances.


Ultimately, this ruling provides more flexibility in monitoring individuals on bail but raises questions about privacy rights and potential misuse of technology within such circumstances. It remains important that civil liberties organizations remain vigilant with regards to government surveillance programs so as to protect citizens from any abuse or misuse of power while ensuring justice is served fairly and equally across all individuals subject to scrutiny within a given case.

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