Iranian authorities report success in the fight against underground miners

The Iranian government continues to crack down on underground miners. This week, officials reported new results in the fight.

As the Financial Tribune specifies, the energy industry, together with law enforcement agencies, dismantled 1,620 illegal mining farms. All of this equipment consumed a total of 250 megawatts of electricity over the past 18 months.

During a conversation with journalists, one of the representatives of the Iranian energy state corporation Tavanir noted that the fight against underground miners is one of the priority tasks of the authorities.

If the scale of shadow crypto mining of Bitcoin Circuit is not minimized, the strain on the power grid will continue to increase, which will create risks for the supply of entire regions of the country. Penalties will apply to those miners who have not received a license, but continue to pay for electricity at preferential rates.

Note that Iran legalized cryptocurrency mining back in July 2019. The Islamic Republic was among the countries that were the first in the world to recognize this type of activity.

In parallel, the authorities obliged all miners to obtain licenses. Only in this case, the state set special preferential rates for the owners of the farm.

However, the scale of underground mining in Iran is still growing. Power engineers periodically report on the elimination of another mining farm.

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