Pokémon Embraces Web3, Divides Fans: Will Metaverse Dream Come True?

• The Pokémon Company International is looking to develop a metaverse, leading to fan backlash.
• The Corporate Development Principal job listing detailed the role, requiring knowledge of and experience with Web 3, blockchain technologies, and NFTs.
• Fans are apprehensive about the potential implications of these plans for the beloved franchise.

Pokémon’s Plans to Develop a Metaverse

The Pokémon Company International is looking to develop a metaverse, which has sparked debate among fans regarding its potential implications for the beloved franchise. A job posting was published for the position of Corporate Development Principal at the company based in Washington, U.S., detailing the role to develop „brand new Pokémon experiences“ via „unique technologies.“ This requires sourcing and researching potential strategic partners, assessing technological trends, and designing and building a platform to house the project’s development. To be eligible for this post applicants must have over 12 years of work experience, with a minimum of 7 years in corporate development or corporate venture capital at a technology, gaming, media or entertainment company; furthermore they must have deep knowledge and understanding of Web 3 including blockchain technologies and NFTs as well as metaverses.

Fans‘ Reactions to Pokémon’s Plans

The reactions from fans were divided following news of these ambitious plans. Some expressed their apprehension that such moves could lead to a drop in interest and eventually kill off the franchise due to being associated with extreme price volatility and scams associated with Web3 platforms; citing recent high-profile cases such as FTX collapse as examples illustrating their wariness around such projects. On the other hand however some expressed optimism towards these prospective changes noting how Nintendo had not openly discussed Web3 or NFTs until recently when Analyst David Gibson broke rank during an investor call saying „We do have interest in this area. We feel the potential in this area but we wonder what joy we can provide and this is difficult to define right now.“

What Could This Mean?

The job listing has sparked much debate among fans regarding what it could mean for their beloved franchise if it does indeed move ahead with its ambitions plans for metaverses powered by Web3 technology; it remains unclear exactly what form these changes will take yet it seems clear that whatever direction they choose will shape future generations experience with Pokemon going forward. It is also possible that Nintendo may opt out altogether depending on public opinion so only time will tell how far they will go down this path.

Potential Benefits

A move towards using Web3 technology could potentially unlock many exciting opportunities within Pokemon games allowing players access features like buying virtual items using cryptocurrency or creating custom content using NFTs which could open up an entirely new avenue of engagement with players across all ages groups given cryptocurrency’s popularity amongst younger generations today. Additionally developers would benefit from more robust security measures protecting them from online scams given blockchain’s decentralised nature meaning data stored on there cannot be altered without consensus from all users involved making them less vulnerable than traditional web-based systems such as those used by banks etcetera today .


In conclusion while many fans remain uncertain regarding Pokemon’s plans concerning developing metaverses powered by Web3 technology there are some interesting prospects that may come out should they choose proceed further down this path; only time will tell if Nintendo decide whether or not pursue this route but either way one thing is certain – any decisions made here will shape future generations experiences with Pokemon going forward so it’ll certainly be worth keeping an eye on!

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